Airport Parking Areas

Port Hedland International Airport provides visitors with both Short and Long term parking options.  The parking areas provide 24 hour 7 day a week CCTV coverage, attendant patrols, lighting and safe pedestrian access to the Terminal.

FREE Parking (1 hour) Effective from 01 April 2019

The Airport offers 60 minute free parking for those visitors that wish to spend a little bit more time farewelling their friends or family when they park in the Short Term Car Park.


Vehicles dropping off and collecting passengers in front of the terminal in the Arrivals zone is prohibited from 1st April 2019.
Arriving passengers are advised to use the marked pedestrian cross-walk zones and meet vehicles in the short-term car park (60 mins free parking).


The drop-off laneway is for departing passengers only. This is located in front of the terminal at the Departures zone.

It is prohibited to park in other areas of the Airport without authorisation and vehicles may be issued with an infringement notice, clamped or towed.

A copy of the Airport's roadways and traffic restrictions can be viewed PHIA Ground Transport Map and Facilities 2019 PHIA Ground Transport Map and Facilities 2019

Airport Parking Fees 

Effective from April 1st 2019.

SHORT TERM Car Parking

First 1 hour FREE
1 – 2 hours $  7.00
2 – 4 hours $  10.00
– 6 hours $  13.00
– 8 hours $  16.00
– 24 hours $  25.00
Each day thereafter or part thereof $  25.00

LONG TERM Car Parking

Fees are per day or part thereof
from Day 1 until Day 14 $  17.00

from Day 15 until Day 30

$  14.00

from Day 31

$  10.00

Lost Ticket Fee

Upon assessment  $ 250
All rates are inclusive of GST

Using the car park

  • At the car park entrance, press the button on the ticket dispenser to receive your parking ticket
  • Keep your parking ticket on you, do not leave in car.
  • When you wish to exit, take the ticket to the automatic pay station (located outside the Terminal).
  • Insert your ticket into the pay station, you will be advised on the amount due for parking – if you have parked for less than 20 minutes no fee will apply.
  • There is an option to pay by cash or credit card.  Following payment, you will receive your ticket back with a receipt.
  • Drive to the exit and insert your ticket into the exit station.  The boom gate will lift and you can exit the car park.
  • Note: there is an option to pay with credit card at the exit boom gate.  The Airport encourages visitors to pay at the pay machines to avoid congestion. 


Tax Invoice

A tax invoice/receipt is not automatically generated at the pay stations. If you require a tax invoice, please select the ‘Receipt’ button on the pay station after you have inserted your entry pass. A Tax Invoice will be generated for all credit card payments made at an exit gate.


Terms and Conditions

The use of the car park is subject to the conditions detailed below.  Please ensure that you read and consider these conditions carefully before deciding whether to park in Airport Parking Areas.  By entering and using the Airport Parking Areas, you agree to be bound by these conditions.  If you do not agree to be bound by these conditions, please arrange for alternative transport to the Airport.

Vehicles are accepted for the purpose of parking only and persons may only enter and use the car park on the conditions detailed below.

PHIA Parking Areas Terms and Conditions of Use PHIA Parking Areas Terms and Conditions of Use (September 2018)