Master plan

The Port Hedland International Airport Master Plan provides a planning framework for future development to meet long term business and operational objectives and regional requirements. It assesses the infrastructure needs of an airport servicing one of Western Australia ’s major regional centres and establishes a 20 year (2011-2031) development framework for the airport.

Airport charges

The following charges apply at the airport:


Fee (inc gst)

Landing fees (all aircraft) per 1000kgs MTOW or part there of $ 24.20
Parking fees on main apron per night (applicable to all aircraft greater than 5000kgs) per 1000kgs or part there of $  2.99
Passenger service charge (applicable on services above 5000kgs)  
  • Full fare, one way 
  • Full fare, return 
  • Half fare, one way 
  • Half fare, return 
  • Use of common user check-in facility
  • Security

$ 23.89
$ 47.79  
$ 11.95  
$ 23.89  
$  1.54
$  9.69

Conditions of use

An airport Conditions of Use document is common for major airports and details the commercial terms and conditions which any aviation operator must comply and agrees with when using the airport’s facilities. It aims to ensure that in the absence of any other commercial airport agreement, all airport users are formally bound by the terms under which they may use the airport’s facilities. For the purpose of this agreement airport users include regular passenger transport (RPT) airline operators, general aviation operators, air charter operators, and air freight aircraft. The Conditions of Use document complements existing plans and procedures such as the Transport Security Program and the Aerodrome Manual.

Download a copy of the Document March 2016 

Employment opportunities

Do you have what it takes to be a part of operating a dynamic regional airport? Phone 08 9160 0500 to register your interest for current and future opportunities.