Flight schedule

We have daily flights to Perth and direct weekly flights to Brisbane (Tue) and Bali (Sat). Several chartered flights transport workers to remote mine sites and itinerant charter flights and inter-regional services. 

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The following airlines operate regular passenger transport and charter flights to and from Port Hedland, Brisbane and Bali.

Qantas provides direct services to Perth and Brisbane with connections to other Australian and worldwide destinations.
Tel: 13 13 13 (all enquiries)  Web: www.qantas.com.au

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QantasLink provides direct services to Perth with connections to other Australian and worldwide destinations. 
Tel: 13 13 13 (all enquiries)  Web:  www.qantas.com.au

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Virgin Australia provides services to Perth and Bali with connections to other Australian and worldwide destinations.
Tel: 13 67 89 (all enquiries)  Web:  www.virginaustralia.com.au

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The following airlines operate charter flights.

Skippers Charter flights only 
Tel: 08 9478 3989 (charter enquiries)  Web: www.skippers.com.au

Alliance Airlines Charter flights only 
Tel: 1300 780 970 (all enquiries)  Web:  www.allianceairlines.com.au

BHP Western Australia is making community seats available on their charter flights (Port Hedland /Perth), capped at $349 each way. Check availability and book seats via www.allianceairlines.com.au 

COVID-19 related information - additional health screening measures in place

The following airlines operate regional flights

Polar Aviation Air Charter, air freight, scenic flights and flight training
Tel: 0419 955 210  Web: www.polaraviation.com.au

Aviair RPT Regular schedule Inter Regional Flight Network  
Tel: 08 9144 2444  Web:  https://www.aviair.com.au

Baggage and checking-in

Airline check-in desks are located directly inside the terminal entrance.  Check-in opening times vary so it is best to confirm details with your carrier prior to arrival.  Most airlines offer online check-in and seat allocation. Qantas have Next-Gen check-in kiosks within the terminal.  We recommend you allow plenty of time for check-in and security procedures.

Passengers can be dropped off and picked up at the front of the terminal, however due to Aviation Security requirements you must not leave your vehicle unattended at any time.  There is a two minute only standing time. Vehicles left unattended will receive an immediate fine and could be towed.

Baggage allowances vary for each airline.  For specific information, please contact your airline directly.

Baggage trolleys are available free of charge in the terminal.

For assistance with lost or misplaced luggage, luggage left on the baggage carousel, or damaged luggage, please contact your airline directly or the airline's contracted ground handling service Northwest Aviation Services 08 9140 2946.

For any items lost or found within the terminal, please see airport staff or call 08 9160 0500.

Security and safety

We take safety and security very seriously at Port Hedland International Airport – government security and safety protocols are in place and adhered to.

Passenger screening is performed to federal government standards using x-ray machines, walk through metal detectors, and hand held metal detectors. Passengers and baggage are also subjected to random explosive trace detection checks.

Checked bags are also screened in accordance with government regulations.

Closed circuit TV cameras operate throughout the Airport precinct, Terminal and Car Park.

Dangerous goods – items or substances that may endanger the safety others – are prohibited.  Please contact your airline directly for information on their prohibited and allowed items.

Baggage is not to be left unattended at any time within any area of the airport precinct. Any unattended items found at the airport will be treated as suspicious.  Unattended items should be reported to airport staff. 

Any comments or jokes made regarding weapons, explosive devices or passenger security are taken seriously and may result in prosecution and/or refusal of carriage by the airline.

A passenger that appears to be intoxicated, behaving erratically or abusive to other passengers or staff may be refused carriage or removed from an aircraft.